Daily Schedule

There will be half-day children who stay only until noon. Keep in mind that our schedule is flexible and may change with the needs of the children, but staff will strive to keep it consistent.

(Extended Care)–Choice Time, Teacher Prepared Activities, and Breakfast
Arrival and Table Activities
Greeting, Numbers and Weather, and Bible Time
Outdoor Time, Gym if Weather does not Permit Outside
Bathroom, Handwashing, Snack
Choice Time
Small or Large Group Activity (Letters, Science, Art)
Stories and Music Time
Dismissal of Half-Day Children
Bathroom and Handwashing, Lunch
Nap Preparation and Reading
Nap/Rest Time, Enrichment Activities
Large Motor Time-Gym
Outdoor Time
Pick-Up Time
4:00-5:30–(Extended Care) Outside Time, Choice Time, Teacher
Prepared Activities